During the oil crisis in the 70s which also affected Denmark, Danish companies and the Danish goverment decided to meet the growing energy needs, while still considering environmental concerns and expectations of energy efficient solutions.

Although RACELL chose the solar energy route, the strategy was from the very beginning to include all important factors,
such as Energy Efficiency of buildings, insolation, Smart-grid, Life Cycle Analysis, Architecture, non-polluting manufacturing etc.
  RACELL has since the 1980s been working on creating new sustainable solutions by developing processing methods, that exclude all of the hazardous chemicals normally used in the semiconductor industry. Racell thus holds an award winning patent providing cost efficient and non-polluting methods for producing semiconductors.

Sustainability is a central business core at RACELL. Our vision is to prove that it is possible that sustainability and aesthetics can all become a part of the same solution.

    Denmark is the first country in the world to aim for a completely green growth economy, fully independent on fossil fuels by 2050, becoming one of the prime examples in sustainability.
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